Saturday, February 28, 2009


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Another Juicy Campus?

Since the removal of a popular internet site titled "Juicy Campus" many have questioned whether or not it is ethical. Including a very popular question asking whether or not our freedom of speech should be censored. On many sites anonymous users post whatever thoughts they please on the Web, more popularly known as a blog. Some people are victims freedom of speech. 

Many students claim that Juicy Campus is the site where they get all of their "insider" information on campus life. I personally have heard one girl say that anything she reads on Juicy Campus she believes to be true. I believe that this site has more popularity than SMU's own "Daily Campus". This may be a result in our generation's high interest in the amount of gossip and opinions in college. Another site called "Dirtydtown" has been on the uprise since the ending of the juicy campus website. This site is essentially the same thing as Juicy Campus except that anonymous users can post photos of their peers usually in the midst of doing something they regret. What makes people so intrigued by this site is that they can actually put a face to a name. This could damage a lot of students' futures/careers. Which leads us to question whether or not Dirtydtown should receive the same punishment as JuicyCampus.