Saturday, September 6, 2008


I commented on "unknown's" blog on their experience with potluck at SMU.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cell phones used as an educational tool?

Coming into college, we all know to expect a cell phone policy much similar to the ones we had in high school. That is, no cell phone use during class. Period. Most recently my friend, who attends Abilene Christian University, tells how cell phones have actually held a place in their campus' learning environment. More particularly, the iphone 3G has been handed out to "two-thirds of this year's entering class of 950 freshmen." Much to my surprise I discovered that not only are the students expected to use the phones, but professors as well have been given iphones in order to "keep up with attendance" in class.

Is this really necessary? Its a mystery where these expenses came from. The smart phones could potentially take the place of laptops in the classroom for reasons such as the lack of communication between the professor and student and also because of how much cheaper an iphone would be. In the near future smart phones might play a role in a our general education at

Should this project be installed at SMU and/or other universities?