Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Orchestral Idol (The YouTube Version)

While browsing The New York Times online, I discovered another way technology has made life easier. A project called "YouTube Symphony" in which a prospect for a an orchestra may audition via YouTube. The purpose of this new project by Google is to "bolster the organized presence of classical music on YouTube." There are two main parts to this project. In the first, YouTube users will record themselves playing the four-minute piece written by Tan Dun for orchestra and upload their audition. The winners will be mashed together to create a "YouTube version of the piece." In the second part, users who upload their audition will be judged and a short list of finalists will be posted on YouTube. Then, it is up to the YouTube users to vote on the best performance "American Idol-style." The lucky winners then fly to Carnegie Hall in April to perform a concert. I think this "revolutionary idea" will help connect users across the world and create a larger community online for classical music. This could only benefit the network in which classical music belongs. Before the creation of the internet, musicians had to spend a good portion of their money on travel expenses in order to get to the location of their auditions. Now with this new technology, musicians are able to perform in the comforts of their own him. Perhaps more projects will result from this 21st century idea?